At the very end of the world. Black Island.
Hello, dear traveler! Get ready for a captivating adventure at the end of the Earth. We are heading for a mysterious Black Island – Kunashir. It bears this dark name for a certain reason. The black color of the soils, the dark green verdure of its forests and thick fogs – all this forms the atmosphere of Kunashir.
Four volcanoes make the island famous: Tyatya, the one with a towering vent and a round crater; Mendeleev, Gorlovina and Rurui volcanoes. Near the dormant giant of Gorlovina volcano there are two famous lakes – Kipyashee and Goryachee (Boiling and Hot). And the nature there is as if it has not been touched by the fleeing times, it is primeval and dark.
Here you will find natural miracles: enigmatic rocks, steaming lakes, smokey fields and lagoon oases. Kunashir Island is a real end of the world where amazing landscapes await you.
And you know what makes hearts of the travelers race still harder here? Its culinary delights, of course! On Kunashir you will enjoy delicacies of the Far East, you will feel the authentic flavor of the local cuisine.
We have prepared as well an excursion to Cape Stolbchaty for the lovers of the natural miracles, and this cape is recognized by UNESCO as a monument of world significance.
A trip to Kunashir is not just a recreation, it is a true discovery. Prepare yourselves to incredible adventures, new impressions and a great deal of unforgettable moments.
Welcome to the island of mysteries and volcanic treasures!
  • Стоимость
    Стоимость тура 5 дней 4 ночи –
    70.000 рублей
  • В стоимость включено
    - авиаперелет г. Южно-Сахалинск – г.Южно-Курильск – г.Южно-Сахалинск
    - проживание в гостинице 2х местное размещение
    - обеды на маршрутах
    - трансферы по программе
    - сопровождение группы проводниками
    - оформление пропусков в заповедник «Курильский»
    - оформление пограничного пропуска для въезда на остров Кунашир

    В стоимость тура не включено:
    - Завтраки, ужины в кафе
  • С собой нужно взять
    - одежду (ветровка, легкая шапка, кепка, кофта, штаны, шорты, футболка, вещи для купания.),
    - атрибуты личной гигиены
    - солнцезащитные очки
    - крем от загара
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