In the heart of winter. Excursion to the icefalls of Tikhaya (Quiet) Bay.
In the heart of winter. Excursion to the icefalls of Tikhaya (Quiet) Bay.
Let's go on a little adventure! On the way to the icefalls, we will surely look at the Japanese Torii gate, which is usually erected in front of the entrance to a Shinto temple.
We will make a stop in a fishing village called Vzmorie, and you can buy freshly cooked crabs at the market there.
In winter Tikhaya Bay undergoes a transformation. You will see snow-covered crystal-blue hummocks here, the calm majesty of the sea covered in ice, snow-white caps on steep cliffs, ice needles of waterfalls, striking with their appearance. And you will breathe in the frosty, indescribable sea air!
We will finish our walk with a hearty lunch with sea delicacies. And hot tea with Sakhalin berries and herbs will warm us from inside, it will make us feel comfortable and peaceful.

  • Стоимость
    Стоимость одной путевки в составе группы – 6000 рублей
  • В стоимость включено
    - Гид
    - Автомобильный трансфер по маршруту
    - Обед: хемультан (суп из морепродуктов), краб, салаты по корейским рецептам, горячий чай с плюшками

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