The "Parade of Planets" - as long as eternity.

Are you attracted to mysticism and spirituality? Then do not miss an opportunity to climb the famous place of power - mountain Lyagushka (Frog).
Located 370 meters above sea level, in the outskirts of the Susunai Ridge, this mountain is the brightest and most memorable attraction of Sakhalin.
Huge stones of impressive height (8, 7 and 6 meters) form the heart of the complex. The largest one resembles a sitting frog, hence the name. The mountain is a geological monument of regional significance. It has been protected by the state since 1995.
The wonderful land extends for 12 hectares, forming an almost ideal circle with a radius of 200 meters.
However, "the Frog" is not the only work of natural art in this area. There are other outcrops, too, like “the Venus", "the Mercury", "the Mars" and "the Moon". A real parade of planets, where "the Frog" represents "the Earth".
Thought-provoking, isn't it?
This route is of medium difficulty. To reach the foot of the rock outcrop we will walk along the improved path. The ascent is rather steep, requiring at least some physical training and perseverance.
But don't let the difficulties scare you. A charge of energy and a sea of impressions are worth the hike you take!

  • Стоимость
    Стоимость одной путевки в составе группы: 3500 рублей
  • В стоимость включено
    - Групповой трансфер
    - Ланч-бокс по-сахалински
    - Гид

  • C собой нужно взять
    - ветронепродуваемая одежда (ветровка, кофта, кепка, штаны. В теплую погоду: легкая ветровка, футболка, шорты)
    - трекинговые ботинки
    - средство от загара
    - солнцезащитные очки
    - средства от насекомых

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