Tour to the legendary Cape Velikan - a natural monument
There are places on Sakhalin reflecting the grandeur and versatility of the island. The road there is not easy, but it is worth it for sure. The road leads through green hills dotted with flowers and herbs. The air is filled with the aroma of marine salt and taiga forests.
Two capes - Ptichy (Birds’ Cape) and Velikan (Cape Giant) - are real treasures of the island. Their atmosphere is capable of energizing and inspiring. Sakhaliners themselves are confused, calling the two capes by one name - Velikan (Giant). In 1990 the capes received the title of monuments of nature. They are under the protection of the state.
Cape Velikan got its name because of its huge stone pillars, resembling giants, guarding the island. According to a legend, the gods turned the giants into stone pillars for their irrepressible disposition.
Cape Ptichy has a self-explanatory name. It is home to a great number of seabirds, including rare and red book species. The sound of waves dashing against the steep rocks and the cries of birds create a unique atmosphere of wild nature.
During the times of the Japanese occupation, an observation base was built here. Now there are only ruins left of it, adding mysticism and enigma to the place.
Both capes are places of power, where nature and history are woven together. A visit to these places will put you into the mysterious world of Sakhalin, will let you learn its history and feel its soul.
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    - Стоимость одной путевки в составе группы: май, июнь, сентябрь, октябрь, ноябрь - 6000 рублей
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    - Групповой трансфер.
    - Обед: уха из свежей рыбы, гриль, салаты по корейским рецептам, овощи, горячий чай с плюшками, морс с клоповки.
    - Гид.

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    - ветронепродуваемая одежда (ветровка, кофта, кепка, штаны. В теплую погоду: легкая ветровка, футболка, шорты)
    - трекинговые ботинки и сланцы
    - средство от загара
    - солнцезащитные очки
    - в теплое время года-вещи для купания
    - средства от насекомых

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