Winter tour to Cape Eustathia on snowmobiles.
The winter charm of Sakhalin is a special one. Snow-covered landscapes are mesmerizing. We invite you on a trip to one of the astonishing places - Cape Eustathia.
The first location we will visit on our way to the cape is the artificial lakes of the Novikovsky coal mine. In summer period, this place turns into a paradise for vacationers, attracting tourists with its turquoise-colored waters. The quarries have long been abandoned, so, their cavities got filled with rainwater. And because of the high content of sulfosalts and germanates, the water has acquired such an unusual, blue color.
It is quite easy to lay the road to Cape Eustathia in summer. but in winter the situation changes dramatically. Snow and ice make the road impassable for cars. But there is a way out! A trip on snowmobiles.
On our way we will see the remains of the former Japanese power station and pass by the winter Turquoise Lakes. There will be traces of hares, foxes and even small deer called musk deer. Intoxicating frosty air and ear-splitting winter silence during stops will leave memorable impressions of the trip.
On arriving at the cape, we will find ourselves on the shore of the frozen Sea of Okhotsk. We will drink hot tea with sandwiches to warm up and brace ourselves before the last stage of the trip.
Finally, the most exciting part of the trip consists in climbing to the top of Cape Eustathia. This place is beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter it is especially mesmerizing.
The cape in winter is more than a tourist attraction. It is an amazing piece of nature revealing secrets to the brave and inquisitive. Join the tour and grasp its impressions and new stories!
  • Стоимость

    Стоимость аренды двухместного снегохода - 20000 рублей

    Место за инструктором – 10000 рублей

    Вместимость снегохода 2 взрослых 1 ребенок до 8 лет

  • В стоимость включено
    - трансфер до места старта(можно приехать самостоятельно)
    - шлемы и очки
    - аренда снегохода
    - горячий чай, ланч-бокс по-сахалински

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