Seeing sea lions is good luck! Let's go to the seal rookery
You must have never heard of Nevelsk, a small town on Sakhalin. But this place represents something quite unique. Imagine that just a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, there is an amazing world of wildlife! Here, you can see sea lions in their natural habitat.
Steller sea lions are representatives of the big-eared seals. They are also known as Steller's northern sea lions. They are red-listed sea inhabitants. There are only three rookeries of sea lions in the world: one in Seattle and two in Russia: in Kamchatka and here, on Sakhalin.
Having equipped ourselves with life vests and after detailed safety precautions, we will go by sea to the sea lions. Those are inexpressible emotions! These creatures are very friendly and curious. They like following boats, showing off in front of people. Their smell, of course, is specific, but believe me, the trip is worth such a minor inconvenience.
After visiting the rookery, we will move to Kholmsk. Another pearl of the island is the waterfall on the Salyut River. This waterfall, located on the border of Kholmsk and Nevelsk districts, between the villages of Zavety Ilyicha and Kalinino, is an incredible sight! Its height is about 20 meters. You can see the waterfall right from the road.
We'll have lunch on the embankment in Kholmsk and then go further to Cape Slepikovskogo. We will see a real guardian of the coast! It is a lighthouse created by Japanese professionals of their craft who employed and unusual engineering solution - a structure collecting water during rains. There is an interesting fact that this lighthouse on Cape Slepikovskogo is the twin of the tower on Cape Lamanon.
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